The BEST way to make SLIME in 2023

Weather you know how to make slime or not, this article is going to show you how to make the best slime in 2023. Following these steps you can make stretchy, store worthy slime that your friends and family can be impressed with. It only takes about 5 minutes to make slime so follow along and get your slime on.

1. Gather your ingredients

White slimeatory glue on the left and slimeatory pro activator on the right.

First, before gathering your ingredients, roll up your sleeves and put on one of Just Ameerah’s Youtube videos to get the slime mood going. Then find a spot where you can work your magic where the slime or glue won’t stick to. I recommend the kitchen because making slime is sort of like baking.
The ingredients you’ll need are:

  1. A large Bowl
  2. A Spatula or something to stir with
  3. Slimeatory white Glue or any glue with PVA
  4. Slimeatory Pro slime Activator

2. Pour the glue

This part is pretty simple, pour the Slimeatory White glue into the bowl. We recommend Slimeatory Glue as it is specially designed to make the best most professional slime unlike the other glues that are made to glue, however this way of making slime will work with any glue that contains PVA.
Here you can decide how much slime you’ll want to make. The more glue you pour the more slime you’ll make. keep in mind to not fill your bowl too much or it will be harder to mix. If you are new to making slime we recommend pouring 4-8 oz of glue.

3. Add Activator

Next, just add activator to the glue (you can be more precise and add 1 tablespoon at a time)
This part can be a bit tricky, add too much activator and you’ll end up with clumps of glue, too little and it will look like nothing happened. We recommend adding little by little because even though it seems like nothing happened when you add a little, the activator actually starts to work its magic and binds the glue particles together making slime.

4. Stir and keep adding activator as needed

Use a spatula to mix your slime. You want to make sure that the activator is fully mixed in the glue before adding more, this part will require patience to achieve the best slime. If you’ve mixed your glue and it still looks like glue, add some more activator.

Once the slime stars forming string-like texture it means it’s time to get your hands dirty. You’re on your way to the most perfect slime.
Grab the glue and start kneading it like dough. You will feel like the slime might need more activator but in most cases it just needs kneading. This is where most people over-activate their slime thinking that they need more activator as the slime is still sticky but what it needs is to fully mix, so keep kneading it until there are no string-like textures left.

After the mixing, kneading and activating, the slime should look smooth, no string-like textures and not sticky. If it is still sticky just add some more activator little at a time and mix it in fully until you get the texture that you love.

5. Play with it, create amazing ASMR

At this point you have some really nice slime to play with. You can poke it, stretch it, create awesome ASMR sounds. There are a lot of benefits to playing with slime.

Our favorite is to poke the slime which creates amazing popping noises, and the cool part is that you unlike bubble mailers that last only once, you can easily do this for a long time and never have to reset it, the slime will still be slime so get popping!

6. Store the slime

Slime gets dry if left out in the open so if you plan on keeping your slime for a long time we recommend storing it in an airtight container. If you’re wondering how long slime lasts, we have another article coming up soon that will discuss all the ways you can store slime and keep it healthy and nice for a long time.

7. Add ons

You don’t have to stop at white basic slime, adding simple ingredients like Slimeatory food dye and glitter can make your slime unique! There are so many ways to make slime so let your imagination flow and your collection grow!


In conclusion, making slime is pretty simple, all you need is 2 ingredients, glue and activator but if you follow these steps you’ll be making professional store worthy slime that you, your friends and family will be impressed with. Keep in mind to add the activator slowly and take patience while making slime, this should be a relaxing time for you. Making slime in groups is also very fun, so try it with your friends and family and after following these steps you can show off how much of a slime master you really are.

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