The best Floam slime recipe of 2023

If you want to make the best floam slime you can possibly make with all the new ingredients available in 2023, this is the article for you.
Floam makes a lot of cracking noises when played with and one of the easiest slimes to make. If you are a beginner or love the sound of crackling slimes then this is one of the best slimes to make.

1. Make basic White slime

First step is to make basic white slime. This is done by simply adding 8 oz of Slimeatory Glue with 1 Tablespoon of Slimeatory pro activator. You can read a full article Here if you want a detailed step by step on how to make it.

2. Add Foam beads to white slime

Once you have your white slime, making floam is one of the easiest slime to make. Just simply add foam beads to your white slime to get floam! All you need to do is mix them in

3. Make super Floam

Make super floam by simply adding so much foam beads you can make any shape with your floam and it will stay that way. A popular shape to create with floam for ASMR is a Cube, which you can then crush and make lots of poppy crackly sounds which are super satisfying!


Create some amazing satisfying ASMR with your freshly made floam!

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