Best way to make Crystal Clear Slime in 2023

Have you ever seen this clear substance thinking its water but realize that it’s actually slime! In this article we’re going to go over the best way to make your very own crystal clear slime!

1. Pour your glue in a bowl

Pour as much glue as you’d like to make slime. We recommend using 8 oz of glue as it is the perfect amount to play with and create awesome ASMR. Make sure to use a large enough bowl to be able to mix, keep the glue at less than halfway full.

2. Add Activator

Now its time to activate! Add activator SLOWLY to your slime. Clear glue is especially sensitive to activator compared to other glues. It takes less activator and takes more time to knead so this is the slime that you need the most patience with or you’ll end up with lumps and chunks of hard glue.
For every 8 oz of glue add 1 Tablespoon of activator.

3. Mix, Knead, mix again

its time to mix, but don’t get too impatient you don’t want to overactive the slime and like we mentioned earlier, its very easy to overactive this slime. It might feel like the slime does not have enough activator and that is where most people mess up and add extra activator. Just keep mixing it.

If after a while, the slime is still sticky, add more activator, Little at a time until you get your desired consistency of slime.

4. Your slime is finished.

Freshly made clear slime is actually not completely clear. Your slime at this point has a lot of bubbles inside making it appear a milky color. At this point you can enjoy your slime this way, add what ever you want to it like Slimeatory Glitter, Coloring, Fimo slices or other add ons. We recommend staying away from things that are not clear like clay or paint unless you are looking to make your slime not clear.

Looking for Crystal Clear slime?

You already have it! All you need to do now is take your slime, put it in a container and wait for the bubbles to rise up which will reveal the crystal clear slime. Depending how thick (how much activator you put) your slime will make it different amounts of times for it to clear up.

Most slimes clear up in about 3 days, but some may clear up faster or take longer! Some slimes can take 2 weeks to turn completely clear, however once your slime is crystal clear you have one of the most satisfying slimes there is. Playing with clear slime is like playing with thick water.

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