Best way to Fix Melted Slime

Do you have a melted, sticky, not enjoyable slime? This can happen for a few reasons.
1. Old slime, old slime usually melts as the activator evaporates out of the slime over time. this is normal but not to worry, it’s very easy to fix! Just add activator.
2. Hot slime. Hot slime feels melty, a lot of time you can cool down your slime and it will get better. if cooling down your slime didn’t work, just add activator.
3. Under activated slime. If you are making slime and it feels sticky, just add more activator.


When you have melted slime, add activator! you need to add activator slowly and carefully because you don’t want to overactive your slime. add little drips at a time.

If you accidentally overactivate your slime, you can check out This article to fix it!

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