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The best Floam slime recipe of 2023

If you want to make the best floam slime you can possibly make with all the new ingredients available in 2023, this is the article for you. Floam makes a lot of cracking noises when played with and one of the easiest slimes to make. If you are a beginner or love the sound of

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Best way to Fix Melted Slime

Do you have a melted, sticky, not enjoyable slime? This can happen for a few reasons. 1. Old slime, old slime usually melts as the activator evaporates out of the slime over time. this is normal but not to worry, it’s very easy to fix! Just add activator.2. Hot slime. Hot slime feels melty, a

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Best ways to Fix Your Hard Slime

So, you have over activated slime. Thats not a problem! We’re going to go over all the ways to fix your hard slime. If your slime looks like the one shown above, you definitely have some over activated slime. 1. Use Glue or water to melt the slime When slime is hard or over activated,

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Best way to make Crystal Clear Slime in 2023

Have you ever seen this clear substance thinking its water but realize that it’s actually slime! In this article we’re going to go over the best way to make your very own crystal clear slime! 1. Pour your glue in a bowl Pour as much glue as you’d like to make slime. We recommend using

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The BEST way to make SLIME in 2023

Weather you know how to make slime or not, this article is going to show you how to make the best slime in 2023. Following these steps you can make stretchy, store worthy slime that your friends and family can be impressed with. It only takes about 5 minutes to make slime so follow along

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